Lanceur de 40mm monotube compact GL-1

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40mm Compact Single Launchers

Description :
Penn Arms introduces the newest addition to their family of launchers - the 40mm GL-1 Compact. Evolving from the TGL-1 series launcher, the GL-1 Compact is intuitively designed with the tactical operator in mind. It is lighter weight, the stock collapses and folds. The vertical fore-grip even folds into a small compact package. Other features of the GL-1 Compact, such as multiple rails, will provide the end user with more operational versatility for mounting a variety of less-lethal options, optics and illumination tools. As the tactical use of 40mm munitions increases, the GL-1 Compact offers many desirable features for law enforcement units, homeland security and military missions. 

Features: A single-shot break-open frame launcher with rifled barrel. Double-action trigger, trigger lock push button and hammer lock safeties, 1:47 twist rifled 12-inch barrel, combination weaver quad rail with bead front and rear groove sight, fully open and extended length of 30 inches/762mm, open and collapsed length of 26.5 inches/673mm, folded length 19 inches/482mm, unloaded weight of 6.2 lbs/2.81 kgs, utilizing all rimmed 40mm munitions up to 5.9 inches/149mm.

Model Weight Unloaded Overall Length Length (Closed/Collapsed) Barrel Length
GL-1 6.2lb/2.81 Kg* 30"/762mm* 19"/482mm* 12"/279mm
EO-Tech and Sure-Fire light not included.

*Length and weight will vary depending on specific model, accessories and features.


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